Broadcast Encoders


Software-Based Live Video Compression for the Converged Headend

TITAN Live is the perfect carrier-grade video processing solution for next
TV generation Head-End. Based on an innovative design, TITAN Live is a real-time multi-channel/format encoder embedding up to 48x3G-SDI inputs. TITAN Live can also receive IP sources coming from satellite reception, making it a convergent solution for complex Video Head Ends. With the support for various encapsulation formats, TITAN Live
revolutionizes live content delivery by enabling to repurpose content over
numerous devices such as TV, smartphones, tablets, PCs or web players
while maintaining pristine video quality. TITAN Live answers all market
requirements and is thus the suitable solution to Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable,
IPTV and OTT networks.

Key Features :

  • High density multi-profile encoder
  • SDI/uncompressed and IP/compressed and video inputs in one solution
  • Support for multi-codec, including latest HEVC standard, and multi-format streaming, including adaptive bit rate (ABR)
  • Built-in supervision for N+M redundancy management
  • Compliant with Adobe®, Apple®, Google®, Microsoft® environments
  • Ad insertion (SCTE35) support

Pdf file available here

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