Broadcast Encoders

Kyrion AM2102

High Video Quality – Low Latency – High Density
H264, MPEG2 Broadcast Encoder

The ATEME Kyrion™ AM2102 is the Low and High Definition MPEG-2/H.264 encoder from ATEME targeting a broad range of Digital Television applications. Its large operating scale from 0.5 to 35 Mbps allows bouquet aggregators, broadcasters and video service operators to save bandwidth and reach their audiences with a revolutionized picture quality. Applying the latest home-grown compression technology with full standard compliancy, the Kyrion™ AM2102 is delivering SD and HD channels with an outstanding perceived quality. Kyrion™ AM2102 comes natively with advanced audio features (up to 8 stereo pairs per video channel) and optionally Dolby Digital (AC3)/Dolby Digital Plus (AC3+) and Dolby digital E support. Kyrion™ AM2102 is based on a fully programmable hardware design (FPGA) offering a complete set of MPEG-2 /MPEG-4 tools including full support for interlaced video (MBAFF and PAFF).

Key Features :

  • SD/HD MPEG-2/MPEG-4 Encoding
  • One-seg support for ISDB-Tb
  • Stream output over ASI and/or IP
  • Stream broadcast on up to 4 primary + 4 backup destinations over IP simultaneously
  • Picture-in Picture
  • Confidence Audio / Video input monitoring on front panel
  • Dolby Digital E Decode to Dolby Digital (AC3) and Dolby Digital Plus (AC3+) audio encode
  • Extensive DVB subtitles, Closed-Caption, Teletext support

Pdf version available here